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Ethical Hacker Junior(KOCHI)

This beginner-level course is designed for anyone who is fascinated by IT and cybersecurity. Best Ethical Hacking Junior Courses in Kochi is a program specifically designed for children and youngsters who are interested in cybersecurity between 13 and 18.

More about the Course

Overview of Ethical Hacker Junior Training in Kochi

In this online era, it is very important to understand the threats and attacks which is hidden inside the cyber-world.  Ethical hacker junior is an online course significantly for young cybersecurity enthusiasts between the ages of 13 to 18. The Ethical Hacking Course For Kids In Kochi by the Redteam hacker academy provides insights about cybersecurity in young people and practices safe handling of online platforms.

The ethical hacker junior course provides vital knowledge about cybersecurity specially designed for young enthusiasts. The curriculum of the Hacking Course For Kids In Kochi by RedTeam hacker academy is crafted for teens between the ages of 13 to 18.


40 Hours

Total Modules

15 Nos

Programme Format

Online , Offline & Hybrid


10 Hrs / Week

Who is the course for?

Our online Ethical Hacking Courses for Kids are well designed for hacking enthusiasts between 13 and 18 years of age who believe in hacking with the right ethical conscience. RedTeam Hacker Academy trainers are industry-certified, have extensive experience, and have a gifted talent for the art of teaching.

Modules In This Course

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Introduction to Cyber Security


Understanding Cyber Attacks


Understanding Dark Side of Social Media


Making Computers More Secure


Introduction to Ethical Hacking


Understanding How Systems Communicate each other


Information Gathering


Network Scanning & Network Sniffing


System Hacking


Hacking and Securing Wireless Networks


Hands-on training for becoming Cybersecurity Ambassador in your campus


Capture The Flag Challenges and Competitions


Bug Bounty Hunting Essentials


Practice your ethical hacking skills with Android Emulators


Projects and Examinations

The Proof is in the Results: Student Testimonials

Redteam hacker academy is one of the best institution for learning cyber security.Very good lectures and easily understandable classes. Helps us to gain our goals.I will recommend redteam for those who are planning to build a career in cyber security.

a boy doing CPENT Training in Kochi

Sujith Pulikkan

Cyber Security Analyst

When it comes to Cyber Security, the best brand available in India for those who aspires to build a career in Cyber security. They are having best in industry well experienced teaching professionals. You can Enjoy learning through the art of Cyber security courses from this institution.

a boy doing CPENT Training in Kochi

Abab Ali

Cyber Security Analyst

Completing Red Team Hacker Academy’s CPT course was an exceptionally satisfying experience. The comprehensive content, supportive environment, and guidance from Sir were instrumental in achieving my goals. The course’s accessibility across skill levels makes it a standout choice for anyone venturing into cyber-security.

a boy doing CPENT Training in Kochi

Aliaskat A

Certified Ethical Hacker

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What will you learn

Introduction to Cyber Security
CTF Exercises
Understanding Dark Side of Social Media
Understanding Cyber Attacks
Information Gathering
Understanding How Systems Communicate Each Other
Network Scanning Concepts
System Hacking
Phases Of Ethical Hacking
System Hacking

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Why us ? Why Ethical Hacker Jr?

The course equips the kids to have safe access to online platforms by providing proper guidance on cyber-attacks and threats. In this fast-moving technology, the need for cybersecurity awareness is becoming inevitable. 

Learning the pioneer skills in tackling threats and attacks in cyber is significantly important for kids. The RTHA equips young cybersecurity aspirants to track and defend the possible cyber traps. Also equips them to have the confidence to use cyber in productive despite the fear of cyber attacks.

 In a nutshell, the  Ethical Hacking Course For Kids In Kochi focuses to develop skills in cybersecurity for a better and safe future

Fully-equipped real-like practice environments
Well-crafted Career-focused curriculum
Training sessions delivered by Subject Matter Experts having extensive experience
Lab-intensive learning from industry’s certified Red Teamers
Exemplary illustrations of the overall curriculum
Hands-on application of the most recent and proven best practices
A well-crafted, very user friendly platform for Cybersecurity Learning experience
System Hacking
Phases Of Ethical Hacking
System Hacking

Exclusive Career Paths for Ethical Hacker

It is crucial that children learn how to be early adopters when it comes to defending against cyberthreats and attacks. The RTHA prepares aspiring youth in cybersecurity to identify and avoid potential cyber traps. Additionally, it gives individuals the self-assurance to use the internet for productivity even in the face of cyberattacks.

Penetration Tester
Security Analyst
Vulnerability Assessor
Security Consultant
Information Security Manager
cybersecurity Consultant

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We’re increasing our global presence with new locations and partnerships, expanding our reach and impact on learners worldwide.
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Ethical Hacker Junior

Frequently Asked Questions

To participate in the programme, minor candidates under the age of 18 must provide written consent from their parent/legal guardian, as well as a supporting letter from their higher education institution, to RedTeam Hacker Academy.

We have ONLINE and OFFLINE programs available at our candidates’ convenience.

Yes, our scholarship covers a significant part of the fees for our candidates who enroll in our online ethical hacking course for kids.

The programe is open to any young cyber security and hacking enthusiast with an ethical conscience.

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