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Why RedTeam Hacker Academy

Enhance your skills into an excellent career

RedTeam Hacker Academy provides the best cybersecurity Courses in Kochi. With a 360-degree learning programme that includes ethical hacking as well as security management, experienced security professionals give candidates in-depth practical expertise.

Kerala's No.1 Cybersecurity Training Institute.

1 of the Top 10 Cybersecurity Training Institute in India.

Specialized Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Training.

100% Placement & Internship Assistance.

Certified & Experienced Trainers.

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Protecting The Future Through Ethical Hacking Education

Certified Penetration

80 Hours | 12 hours/week

Certified IT Infrastructure
& Cyber SOC Analyst

180 Hours | 10 hours/week

Advanced Diploma in
Cyber Defense

400 Hours | 10 hours/week

Certified Ethical Hacker

180 Hours | 10 hours/week

Ethical Hacker

40 Hours | 10 hours/week

Certified RedTeam

45 Hours | 12 hours/week

Computer Hacking
Forensic Investigator

40 Hours | 10 hours/week


40 Hours | 10 hours/week

What We Offers

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Classroom Training

With advanced practical training and skills, RTHA equips both working professionals and aspirants to pursue the best career in the cybersecurity domain



Pentest Garage

Ethical hacking course in Kochi provides an exclusive gamified penetration test platform for students. Which gives the candidate for self-evaluation of their proficiency, level by level.


RedTeam360 provides the finest training, no matter where you are, and offers an online learning environment to all applicants with extensive practical knowledge.



RedTeam Xperience

RedTeam xperience, an all-in-one interactive learning tool with a customized learning experience for candidates, is being introduced by RTHA for Courses in Kochi, Kerala

RedTeam Talents

We connect with the community to achieve goals

Our objective is to connect our students with the cybersecurity community to achieve job opportunities, guidance, and resources for the sake of the best cybersecurity career goals. 

Our students are employed by highly regarded organizations.

We offer interview preparation training and other relevant support.

Unlock Your Potential with Our Placement Services

RedTeam Assistance

Our Provocative Placement Assistance

The successful completion of cybersecurity training in Kochi by RTHA enables job assistance to candidates and helps to get placed in  reputed industries.

RedTeam Placements

The reputed companies where our students got placed

The best training from RTHA makes the candidate achieve jobs in various companies including tech, finance, healthcare, and more. The finest cybersecurity training in Kochi by RTHA makes the candidates professional.

Learn To Hack Ethically And Secure The World

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, online cybersecurity training in Kochi is available at your convenience.

RedTeam Hacker Academy enables the best cybersecurity training in Kochi. Cybersecurity professionals provide in-depth practical knowledge to the candidates with a 360-degree learning curriculum in ethical hacking all together with security administration.

The Redteam Hacker Academy offers cybersecurity basics courses across the nation with the goal of exchanging in-depth knowledge and professional strategies in the field. The cooperation with national organizations, particularly the Kerala Police, the Cyber Peace Foundation, and the Cyberdome, is significant. We support security professionals working in the area today and those entering the security sector tomorrow in their investigation of the most recent cybersecurity trends, careers, and landscape. With the help of industry leaders and cybersecurity moderators, this event gives attendees deeper insights into the best practices and approaches to cybersecurity tactics as well as a roadmap for successful career paths.


 Hacking, vulnerabilities, and other cyberattacks are on the rise as a result of technological innovation. The IT firms even failed to safeguard against harmful attacks on their data security. Significantly, as threats and attacks use more advanced techniques, vulnerabilities grow. In recent years, tech heavyweights including MSI, Apple, and Chat Gpt have fallen victim to fraudsters. The only way to get out of this tight spot is to have well-equipped cybersecurity work with the best quality professionals, and astonishingly, RTHA's cybersecurity training in Kochi gives hopefuls the top-notch cybersecurity professionals that the industry needs.

Yes, After the successful completion of cybersecurity training in Kochi by RTHA the candidates will get much job assistance and help to get placed in various reputed industries.

The exponential convergence of Telecommunication made the industry verticles to shift the Human – Machine integrations and thus turned the threat landscape extended. There are unfilled openings in Health care, financial sectors like banks and other firms, manufacturing companies, aeronautical spaces, maritime industries, etc..

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    Certified Penetration Tester

    80 Hours | 12 hours/week




    Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense

    400 Hours | 10 hours/week




    Certified IT Infrastructure and Cyber SOC Analyst

    180 Hours | 10 hours/week




    Certified Ethical Hacker V12

    180 Hours | 10 hours/week


    Protecting The Future Through Ethical Hacking Education

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    We’re increasing our global presence with new locations and partnerships, expanding our reach and impact on learners worldwide.

    Empowering Ethical Hackers to Protect Our Digital World

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